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Connecting people to information - without wires
Wireless networking is gaining momentum in the enterprise as workers demand instant access to corporate data, no matter where they are in the country. Wireless networks are emerging as a legitimate local access platform for the delivery of high-quality digital data services.

Lasani Networks International delivers a complete range of flexible, multi-standard wireless networking solutions for enterprises, service providers, small businesses and homes. Lasani Networks has solutions that meet the unique needs of every market. Lasani Networks Networking Solutions's products wirelessly connect people to the information and resources they need - at Office, at factory, at school, in public hot spots and at home, at shops for point of sale terminals, etc...

Service Providers

Lasani Networks International offers high-capacity wireless connectivity solutions that enable broadband service providers and mobile operators to deliver services to their customers more cost-effectively. Whether delivering Internet or cellular services, service providers today must meet their customers' needs for greater bandwidth, coverage and mobility. With Lasani Networks's high-capacity backhaul and last-mile solutions, service providers have faster, more cost-effective ways to expand their network infrastructure, improve coverage and speed deployment to new customers. With Lasani Networks's robust wireless LAN solutions, Internet service providers can expand their revenue opportunities by offering home and business networking solutions and new services such as public access for travelers and voice and entertainment services for residential customers.

Broadband Service Providers

Get all the capacity you need to bridge between your points of presence and your subscribers. Expand your revenues with Lasani Networks's outdoor and indoor wireless networking solutions

Lasani Networks's broadband connectivity solutions deliver the high-capacity, fast deployment and new revenue opportunities that service providers need.

At every step from the network cloud to subscribers, Lasani Networks offers cost-effective, high-capacity wireless solutions for backhaul, broadband wireless access, advanced in-building networking, public hot spots and more

Lasani Networks's end-to-end wireless solutions make it simple for service providers to:

  • Provide residential and business customers with rapid deployment and more bandwidth than DSL or cable
  • Quickly connect Multi-Tenant/Dwelling Units
  • Establish POPs in remote and rural areas
  • Create profitable, consumer-friendly public "hot spot" networks
  • Offer value-added services and products
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